Tv Trope: Calling the old man out

Tv Trope: Calling the old man out 
By Jack Dinovitz

A video game about a giant town or big city where each house is a different country in the world and each “state” a different member of the family. For example Russia is a giant empty manor with very few people living inside of it. The premise of it is basically some people at the Russia manor are trying to manipulate the people at America’s and other places in the world. Someone in the America house is tired of the lies. That person from America teams up with someone from House England, House Germany, House Japan and try to take down Russia Manor. When the young American sees that his grandfather was in kahoots with Russia manor the whole time he “calls the old man out” and stands his ground and changes the world to be a better place helping the grand daughter of Russia manor to run things there better. The video game aspect of it is basically being a spy going from place to place trying to save “the city” (the world) from being taken over by Russia Manor. 


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